Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blind Date

Ok, blindfolds on, and no peeking! Let’s Play cupids arrow!
 Contestant one, tell me a little about yourself… “ well, im just a nothing special kinda gal who enjoys drawing and criticizing myself.  My two biggest turn offs are guys who like to buy me things and being treated like im not hired help. Contestant two?  “I’m the type you will find roaming in the garden on my way to the water hole to take a relaxing dip by a waterfall.  I love bright colors, sunshine, and love and affection.” 
Interesting responses ladies! Question two.  It’s Friday night and I’m lookin to take you out.  Tell me what your dream date would be.  Contestant two you start this time.   “Maybe a horse ride to my little getaway home I own, a glass of rum by the candlelight.  My servants will sweet the dead moths away as you embrace me with kisses.
Sounds like a romantic time! And how about you contestant number two?  “We’d start with dinner, not together but in separate quarters.  Than sit by a fire while you whisper sweet compliments to me and I tell you they are all gibberish and that I’m plain.  Finishing off the night with an attempted kiss as I fight you hand over foot.
Oooo sorry but times up, looks like you’re going to have to pick which lucky lady gets the grand title of MRS. ROCHESTER!  Get what im stepping in classmates? 

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  1. Reading the Rochester section now of WSS, I'm even more struck by the contrast. Keep an eye out for how much Rochester and Antoinette are physically intimate and why that's a problem!