Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another should out for the HP if you dont mind

I know Harry Potter was already compared to “Jane Eyre,” in a blog, but come on! Saleem and Harry might have been twins.  Both born into stars, born to save or represent the world they live in.  They are both swept away from their parents as infants.  Both boys carry a visible symbol of their importance, Saleem with his gigantic nose and Harry with his lightning bolt scar.  Now I know they both have allies, but they have just as passionate enemies too.  You have the evil and forceful Draco Malfoy who believes there are only pure bloods, and everything else.  Than we have Shiva, who also uses force instead of words, and says there are only two groups too “have and lack.”  There are witches in both named Parvati.  And go figure Miss Parvati Patil of Hogwarts clearly has ties to India, as her appearance makes known.  But let’s not forget the huge importance of snakes. “and he revealed to me the cobra which lay coiled within myself (p295).” Saleem is cured of typhoid by snake poison and now he has cobra within him which gives him powers of snakes.  Harry gets attacked by Voldemort and now has Slytherin power inside him. Powers and Witches and snakes OH MY! 

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  1. Good connection! So we do we keep repeating this plot -- reminds me of Cain and Able. What about Rushdie's version is different, unique? How might he be trying to revise this old story?