Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Archie Lost His Marbles

The paired woman in this story have went in two different directions and landed in the exact same spot. Basically just getting by with the lives they have.  Though Archie and Samad are also paired and placed in the same situations, Archie seems to be clueless and content whereas Samad is now realizing that there is more to life than a planned marriage and restaurant job.  It’s almost like Archie does not strive for better with anything in life.  His greatest achievement was tying for 13th place in the Olympics.  His wife was crazy and sucked so he rather die than strive.  His job is subpar, yet he doesn’t think much upon the matter.  Continuously in White Teeth you grasp how much Samad wishes to be more than a waiter in a restaurant.  He had ambition to be something more than just what is, and to be happy and fulfilled.  We first see this push outward with his attraction to the music teacher.  How can Alsana and Clare take two complete opposite paths and end up on the same rode, while their husbands walked the same path and now find themselves worlds apart?  And what could possibly give Archie such disconnect with reality that makes him so far from like the others?

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  1. Consider what in the two women makes it possible for them to be their husbands. Why did they fall in love or consent to marry these men?