Monday, September 26, 2011

men and woman

  I have found Jane’s attitude towards the men vs. female in this novel, to be very crucial.  The women are all welcomed respected and loved by Jane, yet she talks lesser of herself due to them.  Helen is more understanding and willing to see good in all, which makes Jane not understanding and vengeful.  Blanche is beautiful, which makes Jane ugly.  Interesting enough the opposite happens with the men.  Jane does not easily allow them into her life, and they give her the most criticism, yet they seem to cause the most positive of changes.  Because of John, Jane was moved to school to be out of Mrs. Reed’s hair.  Mr. Rochester’s errors caused Jane to break from her comfort and become a strong surviving individual.  With the help and nosiness of St. John, came money and a family Jane never had before.  Each woman showed Jane what she wanted to be, and each man made her fight to get it.  Without these male characters, Jane would have never had enough self love to push for what she wanted in life.  All she would have is woman who made her lesser that what she was.

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