Friday, March 30, 2012

Disney all turned round

So the ending to Deerskin rocked.  The whole breaking into the church to stop the wedding was awesome.  I can officially say that was the first time I have seen the old “I object” bit happen where the objector is not desiring either of the soon to be.  I think it’s simple yet super exciting that McKinley can take a scene that occurs so typically often, and give it her own non Disney twist.  Not only that, but Lissar was the knight and shining armor, scaring her father away from Ossin’s young sister.  However, the father looked like our hero should, strong with hair so soft and brown lol, while Lissar was bloody and on fire.  Seems like Mckinley did many switcher uppers here that kept the fairytale feel alive, but gave it so much more meaning than a prince rushing in to help his helpless beauty.  With that being said, the whole happily ever after still happened.  And though I wanted Lissar to end on a happy note, I was a little deep in sap with the whole dog love.  The two human main characters are beginning life and a family together and so are the dogs…. I think that’s when I had a little 101 Dalmatians, or Lady and the Tramp moment.  Luckily the whole madness in the church blows any happily ever after droplets in the end.  Well done!

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  1. Good, what do you think are the implications of not ending with the typical marriage and happily ever after? How does that fit with McKinley doing in terms of revising models of femininity.